Welcome to the Suresafe balustrade and pool fencing system!
The All New Glass And Aluminium Balustrading Design System.


With the modern trend for glass balustrading or railing to maximise the views and provide wind breaks, the Suresafe Glass Balustrade System offers numerous glass balustrade designs to complement and differentiate your project.  

All our glass balustrade designs minimise the use of aluminium cross sections to maximise the view.

These glass balustrade designs also have benefit of no bottom rails which takes away a foot hold, and improves cleanliness. Having no bottom rails allows any dirt or salty deposits to drip straight off the glass, instead of resting on the bottom rail.

The  Suresafe Glass Balustrade Systems are architecturally designed, attractive, competitively priced and complement both old and new homes alike.

Suresafe glass balustrades are designed to suit both the home owner and the multi residential markets including high rise commercial building.  

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The Suresafe Balustrade And Pool Fencing System is a MPG Group brand.